About WOW! Your Guests by Robin M. Ware

WOW! Your Guests is the ultimate customer service book for churches welcoming visitors! It identifies the key nine service support ministries  - Parking Lot, Greeters, Ushers, Security, Receptionist & Administration, Building Maintenance, Finance, Culinary & Events and Marketing & Media - and provides them with her winning strategies of how to serve in excellence and make a memorable impact on visitors so they will want to come back!

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WOW! Your Guests Teaching

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Includes a breakdown of what is WOW! hospitality, the hospitality industry and a Biblical demonstration of WOW! Hospitality and the lessons all Christians can learn to use when meeting and greeting visitors.
The WHO answers the role each of us plays in the kingdom making outsiders feel welcome. You'll find 7 Biblical Lessons based on the scriptures that God wants us to subscribe to. An additional highlight in this chapter is a teaching on the importance of all leaders and members keep the main thing the main thing which is strengthening our spiritual maturity because "spiritual understanding precedes service." Lastly, a snapshot of strategies used by the Walt Disney Company, Nordstrom and other leading customer service companies is highlighted.
Where should you WOW! your visitors? In every area of the ministry! In this chapter you'll learn how normal expectations (what we expect to see and experience in church from a hospitality experience) can become WOW! Experiences (experiences that WOW!). I share 13 strategic ways and areas you can WOW!
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Learn how your website, Facebook and marketing can be an amazing tools to creatively reach (touch) your visitors and retain your members!
Learn the 9 service support ministries (Parking Lot, Ushers, Greeters, Security, Receptionist & Administration, Building Maintenance, Finance, Culinary & Events as well as Marketing & Media) and the roles they play in welcoming first time visitors. Step by step strategies are given for each area!
Are you underestimating the value of having beautiful curb appeal? professionally and creatively designed directional signage? visitor information surveys? Learn how these exterior items can paralyze the first impression of your guests.
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This chapter teaches leaders and members how to build their own culture of hospitality. Are they leading balanced lives? How well do they handle constructive criticism? Are they focused on WOW!ing visitors and developing their ministry teams to live and breathe a culture of WOW! Hospitality? It also examines Chick Fil-A's Second Mile Service commitment based on Matthew 5:41.
Have your nine service support ministries as listed in chapter 5 done all they can to protect the safety and privacy of visitors and all congregants? Learn how to prepare and respond when a crisis strikes.
This section features developmental strategies that can be used in staff meetings to support the teachings in this book.

Bishop Paul S. Morton says:

There is no doubt that Elder Robin Ware is gifted at her craft. She has helped so many Pastors, including myself with her wealth of knowledge and expertise. "WOW! Your Guests: Winning Hospitality Strategies to Change the Culture of Your Church" is indeed a book that will help you as a Pastor as well as those who serve and support you in ministry. Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Senior Pastor, Changing a Generation Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia Overseer & Co-Pastor, Greater St. Stephen Ministries, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bishop Frank and Lady Marlaa' Reid share:

Robin is a joy and a blessing. We had her share 5 years ago at Bethel AME in Baltimore, Md. Here in the AME 3rd District of the AME church we were preparing to host our Quadrennial conference and thought there wasn't anyone else we knew that could come in and provide the leadership training we needed on hosting special guests and hospitality. Robin did an excellent job as we knew she would. She is a hospitality guru and a gift to the kingdom. I’m so excited for you to learn from one of the best! Bishop Frank and Supervisor Marlaa’ Reid Bishop of the 3rd Episcopal District of the AME Church Columbus, Ohio

Robin is a geniality guru!

I always knew Robin was on of this generation’s chief strategists in church hospitality, but WOW! This time the geniality guru has given us the keys to kingdom increase and excellence. Through this must read for ministry, she has shifted the landscape and lifted the standard of customer service. Rev. Dr. Lisa Weah Senior Pastor/Teacher, New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Baltimore, Md

Rev. Dr. Charles E. Goodman, Jr. shares:

Creating a WOW! experience for visitors, as Elder Robin Ware says, is vital for any ministry that desires to thrive in this season. I taught my team that our visitors experience must start from the parking lot and continue throughout all aspects of their worship experience. Robin has truly been an asset to our team providing the practical application and actual hands on demonstrations of how to do just that. "WOW! Your Guests: Winning Hospitality Strategies to Change the Culture of Your Church" is a great book for not only your hospitality team to read but for all of your leaders who serve. - Rev. Dr. Charles E. Goodman Senior Pastor/Teacher, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Augusta, Ga

Romans 12:13 and 1 Peter 4:9 at work!

Elder Robin Ware has been a tremendous blessing to the church I serve as pastor! Her teaching on the subject of radical hospitality embodies the mandate and spiritual essence of Romans 12:13 and I Peter 4:9. Words cannot express how great it feels to hear a first-time or returning guest speak favorably of their worship experience, from entrance to exit. Every time that happens, I am reminded of how grateful I am to the Spirit of the Lord at work in Elder Ware. I am fully persuaded that God used her to further inspire the ongoing pursuit of excellence in ministry at the Tabernacle. Bishop C. Guy Robinson, D. Min. Tabernacle of the Lord Church Baltimore, Maryland

Her tools are immediately adaptable!

I had the pleasure of meeting Robin Ware through social media. She is a creative thinker and was extremely knowledgable about guest hospitality. I invited her to share with my leadership team and her session was extremely impactful. We immediately began implementing her strategies to enhance what we were already doing. She is a blessing to the kingdom and if you want your ministry to operate in excellence and change the way you do church, she is your go to person. Superintendent Clarence L. Sellers, Jr., Senior Pastor Dominion Church, Hampton Roads, VA and Mt. Tabor COGIC, Smithfield, VA.

2 years in a row...

We have had the pleasure of hosting Robin Ware as a guest speaker for our Reason for the Season conference for two years in a row. Our leaders love her! Her gift of administration and love for excellence are contagious. She taught creative strategies to impact our visitors and taught the actual how to incorporate them during her sessions. Our ministry leaders made some key changes before the session ended. If you have a leadership session and want more than theory taught, invite her. Robin will be a blessing. Pastor Anthony and Lady Susan Starks Life Church C.O.G.I.C. Detroit, MI

Count this book as a blueprint...

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Robin Ware for 5 years. She truly is a jewel and has been a pleasure to work with in the area of events and hospitality. I'm so excited for the world to get to experience what I have first hand at Tabernacle. Her commitment to excellence and willingness to serve others and to help leaders grow is genuine. WOW! Your Guests - Winning Hospitality Strategies to Change the Culture of Your Church is a book that church staff's can use as a blueprint for years to come. Rev. Michael Woods Executive Minister of Operations Tabernacle Baptist Church, Augusta, GA