The Event Planners Profit Center

LOVE EVENT PLANNING but ready to make more money in your business?

Learn how to grow and scale your business so you can get paid multiple ways. 

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Module 1 - Show Me the Money

It's time to get a piece of the $500 billion dollar event planning pie!  Learn what services you should offer, how to put together a proposal and how to negotiate with vendors to add more to your bottom line!

Module - 2 The Niche and the Pitch 

Week Two


Event Planners reach success quicker when they build their expertise in a niche or specific industry. In this module, you'll learn about the 8 top niche-specific industries that hire planners and how you can pitch your services to them!

Module 3 - Marketing Mastery

A lof ot Event Planners are best kept secrets because they aren't great at marketing. Learn how to solve the mystery around marketing your business correctly and the strategy I use to stay out front and you can too!

Module 4 - Wealth Wisdom

Are your rates too high or too low?  Are you leaving money on the table with vendors? When should you sell or expect a commission? Let's talk the business of dollars and sense of event planning.

Module 5 - Industry Insider

Want to leverage your experience and become an industry speaker or insider? In this session I'll teach you how to do what I do to obtain speaking engagements at industry events as well as networking events that includes free travel, meals and other great perks that will WOW! you!

Module 6 - Networking

Continuing to build and grow your business is best done through correctly positioning yourself and your business at networking events.  Learn how to leverage your time and make great connections!


Learn how to find and secure sponsors for your event clients! In this bonus training, I teach you how to set sponsorship goals and create a sponsorship deck. An actual Sponsorship Deck is included!

The Event Planner's Profit Center

It's time to turn your love for event planning into well flowing income streams!