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Sponsored! How to Strategically Attract Sponsors and Dollars Offer

When it comes to event and meeting planning, everyone focuses on the planning of the event, which they should. However, before you get to the planning, your focus should be how you are going to pay for the event. Will you sell tickets or will you sell products? These are typical options but one of the most overlooked options is through sponsorships.

Let me tell you a secret: corporate partners have budgets set aside to partner with brands, businesses, organizations and even churches like yours. They are also always open to new connections and creative events to expose their brands in new places but often can't find them so they keep returning to the same events, year after year.

As a meeting and event planner, I can also tell you that most don't partner with faith based organizations or start up brands not because we are faith based or start ups. NOPE! It's typically because we aren't positioned correctly, don't know who to connect with to pitch our requests and we aren't savvy with our event planning.

Well, get ready to learn how you can win at attracting corporate sponsorships. I've done it for clients and even for my own events - and I'm a team of 1 - so the size of your planning team or organization does not matter!I

Test, I am excited to invite you to meet me on Monday, August 19th ay 8pm est for my online course - Sponsored! How to Strategically Attract Sponsorship Dollars! In this 90 minute webinar, you'll learn:

1. What to Know Before You Ask: The 4 things sponsors are looking for to ensure you are sponsor ready.

2. Asking the Right Sponsors: How to identify the corporate partners that are looking for your type of event or conference.

3. Positioning the Ask: What to know, do and say to secure the check!

4. Asking Like the Pros: How to secure sponsorships for your brand or event when you are a team of 1.

5. Packaging the Ask: 5 Sponsorship Ideas Worth $5K

and as a BONUS: The secrets to churches attracting corporate dollars and how your church can have them chasing after you!

What People Are Saying:

“As always, you brought it! This webinar was excellent! Thank you so much for all you do. The Kingdom is blessed to have you!”

Clarissa Telepak