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Uncategorized Aug 31, 2020

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FREE ZOOM Tips and Tricks Webinar!

trainings Aug 27, 2020

Learn the in's and out's of using Zoom to host your events, worship services or even break out rooms!

This webinar is ABSOLUTELY free so be sure to share it with other administrators of entrepreneurs that use Zoom to reach their respective audiences.


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Is it Time to Re-Enter Church


WELCOME officially to my BLOG!!!

I launched a new website in February and with the pandemic and my business being turned upside down, I am just now getting to really focus on my website and blog.

Here's my first official blog post:

After almost 11 weeks of virtual church, most of us are ready to start the conversation about how to re-enter.

My pastor reached out and asked me to lead the organizing efforts for our church. As a result, I have been studying and researching what the CDC is recommending to share with the entire team.

I put together some videos to share the experience with you and to prayerfully help your church.  Click here to watch: Watch Church Re-Entry Plan

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Yes! I Met Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan and Kobe Bryant!

Last week I made a quick trip to La La Land - otherwise known as Hollywood! I went to work the press junket for the new movie.  Watch here to checkout my experience Just Mercy Movie

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