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I'm Robin!

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WOW! YOUR GUESTS: Winning Hospitality Strategies to Change the Culture of Your Church

More than 1000 copies SOLD! Order copies for your entire leadership team!

Want your team to provide AMAZING customer service? 

Listen, it's no secret. With more than 65% of US churches on the decline, it's paramount that the way we do church change.

Just as in any business, your success begins with your people and the hospitality or customer service they deliver. That's why I'm excited to share my new book - WOW! Your Guests: Winning Hospitality Strategies to Change the Culture of Your Church. 

Inside you'll find, innovative strategies for each of your first impression teams including:

  • Parking Lot, Greeters & Ushers
  • Admin/Receptionist & Security
  • Marketing, Events, Culinary & Media and more!

Order a copy for each of your team members!



"Robin, you were beyond incredible! This book is the BLUEPRINT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Every church needs what you have to share. We will never be the same. Thank You! "

Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III
Presiding Bishop, Full Gospel & Senior Pastor of Mt. Zion Nashville, TN

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Leadership development is key to the growth of your ministry. Invite Robin to share one of her signature trainings: 

  • WOW! Your Guests/Customer Service Training 
  • Building a 5 Star Church (Marketing & Social Media strategies)
  • Are You the Right Help & Mastering OPP (Other People's Personalities)

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