Excellence Matters: 5 Star Excellence: What Impression is Your Ministry Giving?

Designed for: Ministry Team Leaders and Team Members
Operating a 5 star ministry takes vision and instruction from the Pastor. Our course provides the how to.

Session Teaching: First Impression Ministries
Session Exercise: Robin has traveled extensively locally and abroad to churches which has now armed her with years of experience and PHOTOS to teach leaders what the ‘pew view’ sees. Teaching highlights include assessments of your first impression ministry teams: parking lot, greeters, lobby, reception, administration, ushers, security, culinary and hospitality. These are the ministry teams that have the largest impact with creating a first impression for visitors and members. include responding to media inquiries, meeting etiquette, attire, greeting and the 5 types of hugs; dating in the church, social media rules as well as live worship service etiquette. She’ll also work in tandem with your security team to teach first response rules for your house of worship in the case of inclement weather, disasters, theft and onsite challenges. Lastly, attendees will role play potential real life scenarios that could cause irrevocable harm to the church and how to properly respond.
Desired Outcome: Members will have a comprehensive system that provides checks and balances to ensure members are engaged and connected.
Session Length: 4 hours

Leading While Not in Charge

Designed for: Ministry Team Leaders and Team Members/Volunteers
Being a servant leader and being an excellent servant leader requires you to be able to lead while you aren’t in charge. In this session, Robin teaches leaders how to ‘get noticed’ without ‘standing out’. Promotion and advancement are awarded to those that understand ‘follow-ship’ first.

Session Teaching: “5 Keys to Follow-ship” and from Robin’s book, “Is Your Walk Witness Worthy?”
Session Exercise: Each leader will be tasked with a 15 minute exam to identify their ‘follow-ship’ level.
Desired Outcome: Leaders will develop healthy habits of being a great team player.
Session Length: 1 hour
Media: PowerPoint with an LCD projector and slide remote control

Mastering OPP (Other People’s Personalities)

Designed for: Designed for: Ministry Team Leaders ONLY
There’s nothing worse than for an emerging leader to present a new idea or discuss a sensitive issue and a team member go rogue with a negative response that shifts the entire atmosphere of the meeting. Or worse yet, they exhibit unprofessional behavior that could possibly end the meeting. In this session, leaders will be taught how to keep ideas and issues results driven and not personality driven.

Session Teaching: The Top 12 Negative Personality Traits
Session Exercise: 12 traits will be presented and participants will be asked to judge the level of negativity it infuses in the conversation. Audience Involvement: Participants will participate in role playing. They will be asked to identify the negative statements, take ownership of any traits they possess and need to erase, as well as present 3 alternative suggested phrases or statements that invoke healthy communication.
Desired Outcome: Leaders will learn how to address issues and not personalities because they will speak the language of that personality type. Just as is required when traveling to a foreign speaking country, you’ll never experience the full joy and beauty of it until you master the language.
Session Length: 2 hours
Media: PowerPoint with an LCD projector and slide remote control

Spiritual Temperaments

Designed for: Ministry Team Leaders and Team Members, Deacons, Ministers, Church Administration and Volunteers
Based on Tim LaHaye’s best selling book, Spirit Controlled Temperament, this session is a faith based option similar to the Myers Briggs test used in corporate America, which teaches psychological personality types (a person's nature and how it affects their behavior).

Session Teaching: Leaders will learn 4 dominant spiritual temperaments and how God can use each of them.
Session Exercise: a 20 minute exam is administered, 10 minute group assessments and biblical character teachings review is conducted and 20 minute group exercises are conducted
Desired Outcome: Leaders will uncover their temperaments (they will most likely have a dominant and sub dominant temperament). Leaders will learn the importance of balancing out groups with all temperaments which better ensures a true representation of the ministry.
Session Length: 2 hours
Media: PowerPoint with an LCD projector and slide remote control

Is Your Walk Witness Worthy?

Designed for: Evangelism, Discipleship, New Members Ministry, Ministers, Elders, Deacons (seasoned ministry leaders)
All great chefs know that great photos of food will get people in their restaurant. But, it’s how the food is presented, tastes and service provided that will keep them coming back. In this session, leaders will identify if their lifestyle, way of thinking, professional skills and commitment to excellence helps or hinders their ability to be a disciple.

Session Teaching: Based on Robin's new book (coming out Winter 2016), Is Your Walk Witness Worthy, leaders will learn the key aspects of building their own brand to market Christ.
Session Exercise: a 20 minute teaching on introspection followed by each leader writing their own brand strategy.
Desired Outcome: To help leaders embrace creative ways of discipleship. Leaders will identify their own personal brands, implement a personal tag line and create a soul winning goal campaign.
Session Length: 2 hours
Media: PowerPoint with an LCD projector and slide remote control

Deuteronomy 8:18 Wealth Building

Designed for: Entrepreneurs and Business Ministry Teams
Taking dominion over our finances begins when we take dominion over our destiny. Robin became an entrepreneur after being downsized from her dream job. Armed with her gifts and anointing, she has trusted God for 13 years as an entrepreneur and has stood firm on Deut 8:18 (It is He who gives us the power to get wealth) to create a 6 figure business built with no business plan or business loans. She now has multiple streams of income as an author (8 books), live event host, success coach, church consultant, online marketer, church consultant, tv host, content creator and webinar host for Pastors and Entrepreneurs, event planner, industry speaker and preacher.

Session Teaching: Pray, Plan and Prosper: How to Make Your InBox Your Cash Box
Session Exercise: Leaders will learn how to create multiple income streams using social media, email, free software and hustle!
Desired Outcome: Each attendee will create a 30, 60 and 90 day plan that will position them to yield $1000 - $5000 or more in new income.
Session Length: 2 days (day 1 (3-4 hours) and day 2 (4-5 hours)
Media: PowerPoint with an LCD projector, slide remote control and WIFI. Attendees should have access to a laptop or desktop computer.
Book: Each attendee must have a copy of How to Make Your InBox Your Cash Box by Robin M. Ware