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15 Reasons Your Church Should Issue a Press Release

I’m working on a press release for a client that is a church.

Most churches don’t think about releasing a press release and if they do, they only think about it to announce a big celebration.

Press releases are a great way to make public announcements or statements about your church.

Think your church doesn’t have anything to write a press release about? Here’s a quick list of things your church could issue a press release about that would attract media attention:

1.  The services and programs your church offers. (Food and Clothing bank).

2.  The availability of your church building for community events. (free or discounted rental for community and or non-profit groups)

3.  Your church being registered or listed as a historical landmark.

4.  Weekly events.

5.  Congratulations on achievements of youth, young adult and adult members. (high school student or player of the month or major job promotions)

6. Special guests that will be speaking at church services or community events.

7. Recognition of outstanding members that are achieving success in the community or on a national level.

8. Awards or recognitions from within your denomination.

9.  The launch of a new website.

10.  Building enhancements. (addition of an educational wing)

11. Church and Pastoral achievements. (20th anniversary)

12.  Staff additions. (new hires and promotions)

13.  Participation in a national program. (Breast Cancer Awareness month activities)

14. Community partnerships. (your church is a voting site, the Girl Scouts are launching a new chapter, your parking lot is used by the local high school on game nights to raise money for uniforms)

15.  Grants and Awards

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Social Media Mastery Class for American Family Insurance TONIGHT

I’m SUPER excited to be speaking tonight in Augusta, Ga for American Family Insurance!

They are very involved in their community and offer amazing classes and workshops for free.

Tonight’s class is Social Media Mastery for Businesses and Entrepreneurs.




I’ll be teaching from my FREE DOWNLOAD “Your 5 Minute Social Media Solutions Guide”.

You can get your copy by signing up to receive my email updates on my home page or just  CLICK HERE.

I promise you that when this class is over, you will be AMAZED at how much time you will now be able to save when using social media for your business.



See you tonight Augusta!



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Church Hospitality Expert

As a church hospitality expert, I teach that showing outstanding church hospitality is a mandate for any church that is going to keep its doors open.  Believe it or not, church hospitality actually begins online with your website.  Here are 3 things you need to do to make sure your church website is hospitable:


1.  Make sure it has correct and updated information.

2.  Make sure service times and directions are 1 click to find.

3.  Make sure event information is posted and updated.

If you  make sure that your church website has these 3 things you are on your way to hospitality success!


Here’s a great video I created to shares a little on outstanding hospitality:

Have a great day!


Robin M. Ware, CMP




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