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PERISCOPE with a Purpose!


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Robin Ware shares how to stand out using Periscope!

In this eBook You Will Discover...

  • How to Set Up Your Account, Build a Profile that Gets Noticed and Get Started ASAP!

    Periscope is the new app owned by Twitter that allows you to broadcast live video to the world using your phone or smart device!  We’ll walk you through how to set up your account, learn what the hearts are all about and discover how to broadcast like a pro!

  • Learn over 35+ Strategies to Incorporate Periscope during LIVE Worship Services, Building Projects and Special Events using your members and your NEW Periscope family!

    Periscope is a game changer in your marketing plan! In my new book, Periscope with a Purpose, I teach you how to incorporate it in your weekly marketing strategy to jump out ahead in reaching the masses!

  • Learn how to Broadcast for Hearts, Attract Influencers and even New Members!

    Learn how your marketing team and those actually using Periscope for membership growth  can use it to connect and grow! That’s right! Periscope allows you to connect one-on-one with your viewers like no other social media platform.

There's More...

Entrepreneurs, we have a special edition for you!!!

Periscope for Profit: The Entrepreneurs Guide

Follow my strategies in this book and get ready to make $$$!


I'm a coach that delivers results! With over 38 pages of great content (including 35 strategies for you to show up like a RockStar), this eBook is for SAVVY ENTREPRENEURS that love winning!

As a matter of fact, while I was trying out Periscope and writing this book for you, I generated new traffic and leads that led to my earning $2000!

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Periscope with a Purpose: The Guide for Pastors and Ministry Leaders


    Periscope for Profit: The Guide for Entrepreneurs
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        About Robin Ware

        I love teaching my clients how to use social media and technology to grow and expand their organizations, churches and businesses. In my new eBooks, you aren't going to be disappointed. Though these are eBooks, they are almost 40 pages! My coach couldn't believe I was selling a 40 page eBook for this low price.  Upon viewing she said she couldn't believe how much RICH CONTENT and STRATEGIES I had included!

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        Robin M. Ware, CMP
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