10 Easy Strategies to Grow Your Church

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Learn some creative and super easy ways to grow your church. If you use social media, email and Facebook, you're already using some of the tools and with my FREE DOWNLOAD, you'll have a winning strategy! 

Robin M Ware, CMP - Church Consultant

About The Author

Robin Ware is a multifaceted business professional who has achieved success following her passions as an author, conference speaker, entrepreneur and consultant.
What  makes her quite unique, is that her clients are primarily churches and faith based entrepreneurs.
After a successful corporate career, she launched The Ware Agency to follow the call on her life to be a Church Consultant specializing in marketing, event planning and church hospitality services.
In 2006, she self published her first two books, Hosting Church Folk and The Administrator. These books quickly became the go to manuals for churches as they outlined step-by-step how to host special guests and serve in excellence as an Administrator.
She has trained churches and served as a VIP host coordinator all across the United States and abroad.