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Discover new and creative ways to grow your church using my new eBook and training 10 Strategies to Grow Your Church

As a church consultant, I have the pleasure of traveling as a speaker and trainer to churches of all sizes across the US and abroad.   I typically meet one-on-one with Pastors and their marketing teams and they all pretty much ask the same question , "How do churches grow?"

As a former Director of Events & Conferences at one the largest churches (25,000 members) in the United States to serving as the Executive Director of Helps (Hospitalty, Security, Event Planning, and Greeters) at a brand new church plant that quickly grew from an interest group of 8 to 400 people the first year, I've been a part of successful church growth strategies.  

I'm sharing with you my new FREE eBook and training 10 Strategies to Grow Your Church that work when it comes to Kingdom building! Get your FREE copy today and share it with your team, your Pastor and leadership. 

You have my commitment that these solutions are doable and involve resources you probably already have and are super cost effective!  

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My new eBook and training 10 Strategies to Grow Your Church contains relevant tips, creative ideas and strategies that you can implement instantly and begin to see results! When I shared it with a few clients, they immediately asked me what was the price. They couldn't believe it was free.
-Robin M. Ware, CMP

Leading Lady Coylitia O'Neal
Global Impact Christian Ministries, Stockbridge, GA

"Robin Ware is an expert in the church! She always provides invaluable info for the church. Robin is skilled in growing and operating a church in excellence. Once again, she has hit the nail on the head with this new teaching! She has worked with our ministry literally from the start almost 9 years ago. She's always growing and that's why we value her ministry so much."

Bishop Paul S. Morton
Changing A Generation FGBCF and
Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

“Robin Ware is a blessing to the body of Christ. She is a marketing genius. She is called upon from churches all over to train their leaders. She has helped me and others learn to use technology and social media - and you should too."

A Word From The Author, Robin M. Ware, CMP

I love God and I'm a Kingdom builder.  Though I work with various organizations, non profits, entrepreneurs and some corporate clients, the church is where I will always be found.

I am a licensed minister that works in the marketplace as a "Digital Evangelist" LOL.  I live to share my love and passion of winning with the world.

Let's connect! I love to speak at events and provide leadership training!

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