December Happenings

I love teaching! In fact, two of my favorite topics to teach are Entrepreneurship and Church Hospitality!

I’m excited this month, that I have two awesome events coming up that are going to allow me to do just that!

Prophetess Kelly Crews is the host of Walk on Purpose show on Radio1000.0rg and she has asked me to be a special guest later today. 

The show will air live at 2pm and I’d be honored to have you listen in.  Just simply log in to www.radio1000.0rg and select Listen LIVE on the lower right hand corner.

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Stop Being a Best Kept Secret

Church Marketing Matters. As a Marketing and Branding specialist for churches, I’m speaking directly to Pastors this morning. It’s time to start marketing your church on a regular basis.

You have to think beyond marketing to an internal audience only which is what most churches do.

Most churches market upcoming events, which is great, but most don’t have a plan to market themselves to stay on the hearts and minds of those that they come in constant contact with on a daily basis.  Did you know that your presence on social media is benefited most by posting graphics? People enjoy seeing visuals and are MUCH more likely to view your page if you post pictures or images.

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Radio Interview

Join me this Wednesday at 2pm! I’ll be a guest on with host Kelly Crews!

Her show is Walk on Purpose radio. I LOVE the title of the show. I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her so I checked out her social media pages.

She is a woman on a mission. I love that she is an AMAZING woman of God who is truly walking in her purpose.

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