YouTube Savvy

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it’s not even a search engine.

If you don’t have your own YouTube channel, it’s time to start one ASAP.

Most people don’t want to start a channel because they aren’t sure what to post. It’s simple. The most watched videos are those that teach or train people how to do something.

Training videos don’t have to be complex. You can literally record yourself using your smartphone.

As an entrepreneur, I would recommend that you record training videos that are somewhat related to your field of expertise.  For instance, if you sell used cars, you could record a video that teaches the top things you should look for in a previously owned car.  Or, how to change the oil. 

These training videos will lead your viewers to investigate more about you and your business and then they could ultimately become clients.

One of the other reasons people are hesitant to record videos is because they aren’t comfortable on camera.  Take the time and practice. In fact, search YouTube for videos teaching you the best way to record videos. You’ll even find videos that recommend external microphone selections as well for those that will be doing a lot of recording or that want to launch a podcast. 

Another quick tip is to make sure that you have the proper lighting behind you.  Great lighting will make your video more attractive to watch.

I’ll be looking for you on YouTube.  You can SUBSCRIBE HERE to my channel.




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Happy Birthday

I celebrated my 49th birthday this week! Whoo Hoo!!!

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on past accomplishments and to set future goals.  Are you happy with what you accomplished? What prevented you from achieving your goals?

As you begin to ponder the answers to these questions, I want you to really be honest with yourself.

Did you make yourself or everybody else the priority? Often times, we are so busy assisting, worrying and thinking about others, that we fail to leave time for ourselves.

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Hotel Horror? True Customer Service Opportunity

Happy New Year! I’ve got my Meeting Planner hat on this morning. I’m coordinating the Intercessory Prayer Conference this week in Atlanta at the Westin Perimeter hotel. We have the entire hotel starting Wednesday through Saturday. We have gone over our room block twice and we have every ounce of space in the hotel.

Though the conference starts on Wednesday, my team checked in last night, Monday.  We had some “opportunities” (code word for challenges) when we checked in, so I thought I would share a quick customer service lesson.

Out of 6 reservations that checked in last night, 5 were set up incorrectly including mine.

My reservation was actually cancelled.  Now, this is funny! I’m the Meeting Planner and no one caught that my reservation was cancelled. I always negotiate a complimentary working suite (that is not a part of our 1:35 comp policy by the way!)  in ALL of my contracts so that I have plenty of room for my team and I to meet, rest, change clothes and eat on the go!

So, you may ask, what happened?  Well, it appears that someone in the reservations department cancelled my room 3 days ago. Of course, I got my last printout of the rooming list 4 days ago and I was on it.  Things happen, so no big deal.

The front desk clerk proceeded to tell me that he could check me in to a room, but they didn’t have a suite to check me in to tonight nor the entire length of my stay.  Really? Hmm….

I was fine checking in to a regular room for the night because I knew I would get this “opportunity” resolved in the morning. In the grand scheme of things, it’s just not that big of a deal.

After 30 minutes, which was grueling to me because I had had a SUPER long day, of him telling me he didn’t have my reservation and he didn’t have a suite available, he focused and MIRACULOUSLY found a suite for me. Though I told him who I was, he refused to “comp” it and required me to give him my credit card, so I did. Again, I knew I would get it resolved in the morning.

What made me uncomfortable was how he kept telling me he was trying to do me a favor and work “something” out.

Unfortunately, at no point did he show concern for the lack of customer service I was experiencing because of these errors.

Sure, it wasn’t his fault my room was cancelled or that 5 of our 6 reservations were wrong, but it was his in power to CONTROL THE OUTCOME of my experience.

The lesson is, he should have been saying, “I’m sorry. This is not our standard of excellence and we strive to handle every guest correctly.  Please have a seat or let me get you something to drink since you’ve been standing here for 30 minutes. Or, please enjoy breakfast on us in the morning.”

There are a few lessons in this story from a Meeting Planners point of view:

1.  Stay calm.

2.  Be flexible. You can always resolve any issue.

3.  Remind your team to stay calm. When the “opportunity” may be their fault, they will appreciate people being calm and flexible with them.

4.  If it’s not written, it’s not wrong. Always get EVERYTHING in writing, that’s the only way you can prove what’s right.

5.  Check-in EARLY. Always check in before your guests arrive.

6.  Host a Pre-Con. The Pre-Conference meeting allows you to meet every manager in the hotel. ALWAYS INSIST  on this. This gives you a chance to put a face with a name and know who to turn to when you need assistance in various departments.

Hope this teachable moment helped you!

Let’s WIN Together!








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Intercessory Prayer Conference

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.47.05 AMLet’s Pray!  It’s that time of the year again for the annual Intercessory Prayer Conference!

I’m honored to be the meeting planner once again for this incredible conference.

Hosted by Bishop William H. Murphy, Jr., this conference features some of the kingdom’s strongest prayer warriors.

The conference begins on Wednesday night at 7pm with a full worship service and the preached Word with Bishop William Murphy, Jr.  Thursday night and Friday night services begin at 7pm as well. (All evening services are FREE and open to the public.)

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