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WOW 1 to 1000 with Robin Ware, Jai Stone, Kathy Times and more!

WOW 1 to 1000 with Robin Ware, Jai Stone, Kathy Times and more!

I’m SUPER EXCITED to be sharing on a panel this Saturday with some amazing folks that I’ve admired through social media for years!

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We’re headed to TBN – Trinity Broadcast Network

We’re headed to TBN –  Trinity Broadcast Network

I just wanted to put up this quick blog post to ask you to tune in tonight at 10pm est to TBN to support my Pastors, Bishop Paul S. and Pastor Debra Morton as they host TBN tonight.

Many of you know Bishop Morton from leading the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship as well as his music but many of you have not experienced his “comedic” side.

Get ready for a fun time tonight as he interviews Bishop Joseph Walker, Bishop William Murphy, III, Cassi Davis and Jennifer Holiday.

I’ll be tweeting and posting pictures as well, so please make sure you are following along on social media – @robinmware


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YouTube Savvy

YouTube Savvy

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it’s not even a search engine.

If you don’t have your own YouTube channel, it’s time to start one ASAP.

Most people don’t want to start a channel because they aren’t sure what to post. It’s simple. The most watched videos are those that teach or train people how to do something.

Training videos don’t have to be complex. You can literally record yourself using your smartphone.

As an entrepreneur, I would recommend that you record training videos that are somewhat related to your field of expertise.  For instance, if you sell used cars, you could record a video that teaches the top things you should look for in a previously owned car.  Or, how to change the oil. 

These training videos will lead your viewers to investigate more about you and your business and then they could ultimately become clients.

One of the other reasons people are hesitant to record videos is because they aren’t comfortable on camera.  Take the time and practice. In fact, search YouTube for videos teaching you the best way to record videos. You’ll even find videos that recommend external microphone selections as well for those that will be doing a lot of recording or that want to launch a podcast. 

Another quick tip is to make sure that you have the proper lighting behind you.  Great lighting will make your video more attractive to watch.

I’ll be looking for you on YouTube.  You can SUBSCRIBE HERE to my channel.




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