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Robin Ware LIVE – Listen today at 11:30am

Here’s my interview that will be airing today, Thursday, November 7, 2013 on Community Central based in Jacksonville, FL
at 11:30am on WTAL 1450 AM


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Exclusive Church Tour Opportunity with Motown Artist KEM!

Here’s a new promotion from Motown Artist KEM!


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Church Shake Up!

Church Shake Up blog with Robin Ware www.thewareagency.comAs we approach the last 2 months of the year, now is a great time to look at your processes and shake things up a bit.  We often get stuck in a rut because we focus to much on processes and not enough on creativity.

When was the last time you changed your Order of Service? When was the last time you added a new program or ministry to your team? When was the last time you changed out your leaders? When was the last time you gave something away on a non Anniversary or preplanned celebration Sunday?

Just like in a relationship, you have to keep things fresh. Don’t fall in a rut because of processes and the old “but, this is how we’ve always done it” thought pattern.

If you want to change your front door from being a revolving door, you have to change what’s inside.


Here are some great ways to SHAKE YOUR CHURCH UP:


Change the Order of Service

Your members can pretty much bet on when the sermon will happen and will schedule their arrival based on this time. Shake things up and present the sermon earlier in the service.

Create a New Choir

Freshen things up and start a new choir. Allow them to sing one Sunday a month while the Sanctuary choir rests. :)

Teach Instead of Preach

Turn your sermon into a teachable session by creating a handout with the teaching points already on it that your members can download upon arrival. Be sure to make some copies for those that may not have internet access. *this option requires you to provide “public” internet access in your sanctuary.

Mix and Mingle

Cut service short by 30 minutes and host a reception for the entire congregation. This is a great way to say “thank you” for them attending your church and a way for the members to “mix and mingle” with the leadership.

Give Something Away

Surprise your members and given them a free gift. Your marketing team can help with this by soliciting donations from the neighborhood i.e. Starbucks gift card, free dry cleaning, restaurant certificates, gas cards etc. You may have to budget to buy some of these items but it will be well worth the investment.

Create a ‘Selfies’ Station!

Everyone is in to ‘selfies’ which are self photos that are placed on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Purchase a step and repeat (that’s the formal name for the backdrop banner that you see at red carpet events) with your logo on it and place it in your entry way. Encourage your members to stand in front of it and take ‘selfies’. This is a great marketing tool for your church (your logo will be in EVERY picture!) and a fun way for members to connect each Sunday!  (Contact me at robin (at) thewareagency (dot) come for details on SUPER CHEAP prices on this!)

Parking Lot Perk Up!

Surprise your members with a free lemonade stand in the parking lot on their way out. If it’s cold outside, you can place it in the lobby, and offer free hot chocolate or coffee.


Robin M. Ware


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