Sponsored! How to Strategically Attract Sponsorship Dollars!

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News Flash: Sponsors are looking for you so why haven't they found you? 

 Learn how to become a money magnet and get paid by sponsors who value your brand, your business and even your church. In this 60 minute training, you'll learn:

1. What to Know Before You Ask: The 4 things sponsors are looking for to ensure you are sponsor ready.

2. Asking the Right Sponsors: How to identify the corporate partners that are looking for your type of event or conference.

3. Positioning the Ask: What to say to secure the check!

4. Asking Like the Pros: How to secure sponsorships for your brand or event when you are a team of 1.

5. Packaging the Ask: 5 Sponsorship Ideas Worth $5K  

6. The secrets to churches attracting corporate dollars and how your church can have them chasing after you!

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Sponsored Webinar - Learn how to attract corporate sponsors
Sponsored Webinar - Learn how to attract corporate sponsors

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