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Church Consultant and Success Coach

...not to mention the author of 8 books, 3 DVD's and 20+ webinars. But hey, who's counting?

  • Church Administration and Growth Consultant

    We work with Pastors, Churches and Ministry Teams to train administrative teams and create work flow plans. We also assist with Marketing/Branding, Event Planning, and Social Media.
  • LIVE Workshops and Speaking Invitations

    Book one of our live leadership presentations. We love to present live. Our favorite topics include, "Leading While Not in Charge", "Mastering OPP (Other People's Personalities", "Unveiling Spiritual Temperaments", "D8:18 Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs" and "Becoming a 5 Star Ministry Team".
  • Need Virtual Training? Take our Online Courses

    We have amazing courses for front line and first impression ministry teams including Hospitality, Culinary and R.A.M.P.E.D. which stands for Religious Administrators, Marketing Pros and Event Dynamos
  • Check out some of our books!

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