10 Easy Strategies to Grow Your Church
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My new eBook and training 10 Easy Strategies to Grow Your Church contains relevant tips, creative ideas and strategies that you can implement instantly and begin to see results! When I shared it with a few clients, they immediately asked me what was the price. They couldn't believe it was free.
-Robin M. Ware, CMP

Leading Lady Coylitia O'Neal
Global Impact Christian Ministries, Stockbridge, GA

"Robin Ware is an expert in the church! She always provides invaluable info for the church. Robin is skilled in growing and operating a church in excellence. Once again, she has hit the nail on the head with this new teaching! She has worked with our ministry literally from the start almost 9 years ago. She's always growing and that's why we value her ministry so much."

Bishop Paul S. Morton
Changing A Generation FGBCF and
Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

“Robin Ware is a blessing to the body of Christ. She is a marketing genius. She is called upon from churches all over to train their leaders. She has helped me and others learn to use technology and social media - and you should too."

About Robin M. Ware, CMP

Dubbed the Digital Evangelist, I am a Church Consultant that has had the privelidge to travel the world working with churches as a consultant and leadership speaker.

A graduate of Purdue University, I assist Pastors and churches with custom church growth strategies, leadership training and PR/Crisis Management.

I'd love to learn more about your ministry. Are you streaming? Do you have an email opt-in that is converting? Do you have a digital marketing and evangelism plan?  As a Pastor, have you developed your online presence? Website? Email Opt-In? 

Perhaps you have a business, are you monetizing it online?  Are you an author? Do you need a digital strategy to promote it or to secure interviews?

As you can see, there are alot of options we can help you with.  I'm ready if you are?

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