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    Bishop Jakes hosted his Atlanta book tour for Instint at the House of Hope Atlanta. I assisted during the event with VIP...

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House of Hope Atlanta hosted Bishop TD Jakes “Instinct” Book Tour!

House of Hope Atlanta hosted Bishop TD Jakes “Instinct” Book Tour!

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014
Location: The House of Hope Atlanta, Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
Event Scope: Instinct Book Tour with …
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Free Training Call with Darrell Patrick

Free Training Call with Darrell Patrick

Join us for this FREE and RICH CONTENT FILLED called with social media expert, Darrell Patrick. This 60 minute call …
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Coordinating VIP Hospitality

Coordinating VIP Hospitality

Date: March 2, 2014
Location: The Office of Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
Event Scope: 10th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
Robin’s Role: Robin was …
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Cyber Church

Don’t let the weather stop you from having church this week!  There are great options for Pastors to host services …
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Marcus D. Wiley to Host LIVE DVD Recording in Atlanta December 13th

Atlanta, get ready to laugh!!!
Gospel Comedy giant, Marcus D. Wiley showcases his long‐awaited thirteenth DVD, “D13 (Disciple 13).” In this …
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Robin Ware LIVE – Listen today at 11:30am

Here’s my interview that will be airing today, Thursday, November 7, 2013 on Community Central based in Jacksonville, FL
at 11:30am …
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Exclusive Church Tour Opportunity with Motown Artist KEM!

Here’s a new promotion from Motown Artist KEM!


Church Shake Up!

As we approach the last 2 months of the year, now is a great time to look at your processes …
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Getting News Coverage for Your Church

This weekend many churches across the nation will be participating in Worship in Pink.
Worship in Pink is an initiative of …
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  • House of Hope Atlanta hosted Bishop TD Jakes “Instinct” Book Tour!

    House of Hope Atlanta hosted Bishop TD Jakes “Instinct” Book Tour!








    Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014
    Location: The House of Hope Atlanta, Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
    Event Scope: Instinct Book Tour with Bishop TD Jakes Read More »

  • Free Training Call with Darrell Patrick

    Free Training Call with Darrell Patrick

    Join us for this FREE and RICH CONTENT FILLED called with social media expert, Darrell Patrick. This 60 minute call is going to help you understand the importance of leveraging social media!  Read More »

  • Coordinating VIP Hospitality

    Coordinating VIP Hospitality

    Date: March 2, 2014
    Location: The Office of Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
    Event Scope: 10th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration
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  • Cyber Church

    Don’t let the weather stop you from having church this week!  There are great options for Pastors to host services online that

    don’t require anything more than a computer with a built in camera!

    Allow The Ware Agency to assist your team with discussing the best options for you!

    Our consulting fee is $125.  Once you pay, we will set up a 60 minute consultation with you and your team.


  • Marcus D. Wiley to Host LIVE DVD Recording in Atlanta December 13th

    Atlanta, get ready to laugh!!!

    Gospel Comedy giant, Marcus D. Wiley showcases his long‐awaited thirteenth DVD, “D13 (Disciple 13).” In this riveting comedy show, Wiley empowers audiences with trendy, life‐related topics. The comedy exhibition will be held at Voices of Faith Ministry in Stone Mountain Georgia, Friday, December 13, 2013. Doors will open at 7pm with special guest appearances (red carpet starts at 7pm).

    Wiley, is best known as co‐host to Grammy Award Winning songstress, Yolanda Adams on “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.” On the syndicated show, Wiley performs as his alter‐ego, rambunctious Bishop Secular. Yolanda Adams has pronounced Wiley as the leader in clean comedy entertainment. In addition to comedy, he is a professor at Texas Southern University where he inspires students to never settle for anything less than the best.

    “He is a comedic genius,” said Yolanda Adams. “You find yourself laughing so hard you miss the message.”

    Disciple 13 is an edgy performance that takes comedy to the next level. Audiences laugh, cry, and shout as they praise into a new dimension. Wiley stands on a stage where every generation can identify with his mission to be a student of God. 2 “D13 is an evolution, its showing how I evolved as a disciple, as a man, and as a comedian,” said Wiley. “Relax, it’s not about grades, it’s about growth because if He was grading us we would all fail.”

    The city of Atlanta and the church community are invited to experience the spiritual rawness of Disciple 13. The evening will be filled with fellowship, humor, and inspiration.

    Tickets for the public can be purchased at $20 General Admission, $50 VIP

    For more information about this event, visit

  • Robin Ware LIVE – Listen today at 11:30am

    Here’s my interview that will be airing today, Thursday, November 7, 2013 on Community Central based in Jacksonville, FL
    at 11:30am on WTAL 1450 AM


  • Exclusive Church Tour Opportunity with Motown Artist KEM!

    Here’s a new promotion from Motown Artist KEM!


  • Church Shake Up!

    Church Shake Up blog with Robin Ware www.thewareagency.comAs we approach the last 2 months of the year, now is a great time to look at your processes and shake things up a bit.  We often get stuck in a rut because we focus to much on processes and not enough on creativity.

    When was the last time you changed your Order of Service? When was the last time you added a new program or ministry to your team? When was the last time you changed out your leaders? When was the last time you gave something away on a non Anniversary or preplanned celebration Sunday?

    Just like in a relationship, you have to keep things fresh. Don’t fall in a rut because of processes and the old “but, this is how we’ve always done it” thought pattern.

    If you want to change your front door from being a revolving door, you have to change what’s inside.


    Here are some great ways to SHAKE YOUR CHURCH UP:


    Change the Order of Service

    Your members can pretty much bet on when the sermon will happen and will schedule their arrival based on this time. Shake things up and present the sermon earlier in the service.

    Create a New Choir

    Freshen things up and start a new choir. Allow them to sing one Sunday a month while the Sanctuary choir rests. :)

    Teach Instead of Preach

    Turn your sermon into a teachable session by creating a handout with the teaching points already on it that your members can download upon arrival. Be sure to make some copies for those that may not have internet access. *this option requires you to provide “public” internet access in your sanctuary.

    Mix and Mingle

    Cut service short by 30 minutes and host a reception for the entire congregation. This is a great way to say “thank you” for them attending your church and a way for the members to “mix and mingle” with the leadership.

    Give Something Away

    Surprise your members and given them a free gift. Your marketing team can help with this by soliciting donations from the neighborhood i.e. Starbucks gift card, free dry cleaning, restaurant certificates, gas cards etc. You may have to budget to buy some of these items but it will be well worth the investment.

    Create a ‘Selfies’ Station!

    Everyone is in to ‘selfies’ which are self photos that are placed on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Purchase a step and repeat (that’s the formal name for the backdrop banner that you see at red carpet events) with your logo on it and place it in your entry way. Encourage your members to stand in front of it and take ‘selfies’. This is a great marketing tool for your church (your logo will be in EVERY picture!) and a fun way for members to connect each Sunday!  (Contact me at robin (at) thewareagency (dot) come for details on SUPER CHEAP prices on this!)

    Parking Lot Perk Up!

    Surprise your members with a free lemonade stand in the parking lot on their way out. If it’s cold outside, you can place it in the lobby, and offer free hot chocolate or coffee.


    Robin M. Ware


  • Getting News Coverage for Your Church

    This weekend many churches across the nation will be participating in Worship in Pink.

    Worship in Pink is an initiative of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to encourage religious organizations to honor survivors in their communities and to teach about breast cancer awareness.

    If your church is participating in Worship in Pink or perhaps you are doing your own Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, use this as an opportunity to connect with your local news organization.  Contact your local stations and share your plans.

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  • The 5 R’s of Damage Control

    Today I had the privilege of being interviewed by Mamas Gone Wild hosts Nikki Woods (@nikkiwoods)  and  Mary Boyce (@mflowersboyce)

    When it’s your turn and you need damage control, here are the 5 R’s of Damage Control I shared in practicing damage control:

    The 5 R’s of Damage Control

    1.  Respond – Get in front of the situation as quickly as possible. Don’t wait for the media or the public to inform you that you have a situation.

    2.  Representation – Hire a professional to help you. You aren’t savvy enough to handle the media by yourself. You need someone that understands how the media works and that has relationships with reporters that they trust to help you get your side of the story told.

    3.  Resolve – Work with your pro and create a strategy to resolve the issue. Don’t sweep your situation under the rug. Deal with it.

    4.  Remove – Go somewhere and take a break (sit down). Get out of the spotlight once you  have resolved your situation. Don’t be tempted to make all of the tv rounds if your story is negative. It’s not worth the 15 minutes of so-called fame it will bring you. Rest and focus on your future.

    5.  Rebuild – During your sabbatical or break, work on a comeback  plan. Will you be able to return to your previous job or position?  What will you change so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes?

    I’ll share the details of the live interview and where it will be posted online.




  • Worship in Pink Sunday – Get the Details

    This Sunday is the official Worship in Pink Sunday. Make sure your church registers and provides your members with great educational items that can be shared with your ladies.

    Worship in Pink Week is a great opportunity for Coastal Georgia’s churches, mosques, and synagogues to spread the life-saving message of early detection and honor their communities’ survivors.  This multicultural celebration will help bring breast cancer education/awareness to the men and women of Coastal Georgia.

    2013 Worship in Pink Weekend

    October 25th – October 27th

    Komen Atlanta’s Worship in Pink weekend invites Atlanta’s churches, mosques and synagogues to come together spread the life-saving message of breast cancer early detection. Worship in Pink weekend is a great opportunity for religious organizations to honor the survivors in their communities and join Komen Atlanta in the fight to enable women to detect and survive breast cancer!

    In 2012, Komen Atlanta reached 230 organizations and 62,000 people. Help us reach our 2013 goal of reaching 250 organizations and 75,000 individuals!

    Participating in Worship in Pink weekend is simple. Komen Atlanta provides each religious organization with an easy to implement planning kit, as well as FREE breast health information packets. This year the packets include NEW and UPDATED breast health information. Each congregation is encouraged to use Worship in Pink weekend to celebrate the breast cancer survivors and co-survivors in their community.

    More details here

  • 15 Reasons Your Church Should Issue a Press Release

    I’m working on a press release for a client that is a church.

    Most churches don’t think about releasing a press release and if they do, they only think about it to announce a big celebration.

    Press releases are a great way to make public announcements or statements about your church.

    Think your church doesn’t have anything to write a press release about? Here’s a quick list of things your church could issue a press release about that would attract media attention:

    1.  The services and programs your church offers. (Food and Clothing bank).

    2.  The availability of your church building for community events. (free or discounted rental for community and or non-profit groups)

    3.  Your church being registered or listed as a historical landmark.

    4.  Weekly events.

    5.  Congratulations on achievements of youth, young adult and adult members. (high school student or player of the month or major job promotions)

    6. Special guests that will be speaking at church services or community events.

    7. Recognition of outstanding members that are achieving success in the community or on a national level.

    8. Awards or recognitions from within your denomination.

    9.  The launch of a new website.

    10.  Building enhancements. (addition of an educational wing)

    11. Church and Pastoral achievements. (20th anniversary)

    12.  Staff additions. (new hires and promotions)

    13.  Participation in a national program. (Breast Cancer Awareness month activities)

    14. Community partnerships. (your church is a voting site, the Girl Scouts are launching a new chapter, your parking lot is used by the local high school on game nights to raise money for uniforms)

    15.  Grants and Awards

  • Church Leadership Workshops that will cause a Shift!

    Leadership Workshops taught by The Ware Agency – Robin M. Ware

    Welcome! Here is a list of our most popular workshops that I conduct for churches during Leadership Retreats or Conferences. These sessions are ideally taught in 2 hour increments though abbreviated versions can be done.  We also offer 2 day schedules.


    Contact our offices for details and pricing.


    1.  Mastering OPP (Other People’s Personalities) – in this session, attendees learn the 12 common personality types and how to master them in love. We are all “works in progress’ and deserve the opportunity to grow into the leaders we were created to be. Each attendee will learn how to appropriately respond, redirect and resolve ‘personality’ challenges of each team member.

    Some of the the personality types we discuss are:c

    Bully – Are  loud and sometimes hostile in meetings

    Firehose – Always dampen enthusiasm

    Indecisive – Postpone decision making and always ask for more meetings before proceeding

    Sniper – Purposefully withhold information to wreak havoc on committees

    Control Freak – Always have suggestions or ‘the’ solution for how others should complete their assignments because they believe the way they do things, is the best and only way.


    2.  Excellence Matters from the Parking Lot to the Pulpit – in this session, attendees are walked through every department (Parking Lot, Maintenance, Security, Greeters, Bookstore, Church Administration, Hospitality, Finance, and Protocol) that is responsible for making the ‘first impressions’ on visitors and members and shown how to prepare, implement and deliver excellent service.  Though this is a fun and lively session, it clearly exposes areas of opportunities for growth and the success steps to start the process.


    3. How To Host a VIP – in this session, attendees are shown my 10 step process of how to properly host a special guest. The steps are broken down to stages that include:

    1.  30 Days Prior to Arrival

    2.  2 Weeks Prior to Arrival

    3.  Day of VIP’s Arrival (including Hotel Pre-Check In steps)

    4.  Airport Pickup and Ground Transportation

    5.  Hotel Check-In

    6.  Event Day!

    7.  Special Guest Pick Up and Onsite Event Hosting

    8.  During the Event Protocol and Courtesies

    9.  End of the Event Protocol and Courtesies

    10.  Departure Day Transport and Airport Protocol


    4.  Membership Retention -  in this session, attendees will learn how to use social media and other winning strategies to ‘touch’ new members, 17 times the first 72 hours of their membership!


    5.  Customer Service and Etiquette – Pretty is As Pretty Does is a quote that my Mother taught me years ago. I use it often when teaching. It doesn’t matter how large or pretty your church is. If your leaders and workers don’t provide excellent service and great hospitality, a pretty building will not be enough to keep your doors open.  In this session, leaders learn how to be hospitable with each other first and then with those that they that make up the church membership. They also will enjoy a full hour of customer service training that is based on the Ritz Carlton method of service -
    The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

    Contact us for details and our availability.  Robin (at) the ware agency (dot) com.


  • Social Media Mastery Class for American Family Insurance TONIGHT

    I’m SUPER excited to be speaking tonight in Augusta, Ga for American Family Insurance!

    They are very involved in their community and offer amazing classes and workshops for free.

    Tonight’s class is Social Media Mastery for Businesses and Entrepreneurs.




    I’ll be teaching from my FREE DOWNLOAD “Your 5 Minute Social Media Solutions Guide”.

    You can get your copy by signing up to receive my email updates on my home page or just  CLICK HERE.

    I promise you that when this class is over, you will be AMAZED at how much time you will now be able to save when using social media for your business.

    You can REGISTER HERE.


    See you tonight Augusta!



  • BET’s Facebook Challenge with The Game

    I just came across this story on a lawsuit filed by a fan of BET’s The Game. Evidently, Stacey Mattocks, a lover of the show, launched a Facebook page to show her support of the show and to work to get it back on the air when it was cancelled by its previous network.

    This story is an excellent example of how powerful social media is and the money that can be made by Social Media Managers.

    You all know that I love social media and love training others how to use it. I’m working on a class to train others how to be Social Media Managers and profit from it.

    Of course, this story isn’t really about my focus but it speaks to my point. Check it out:



    Thanks Robin!

  • Assistants, Armorbearers and Administrators Webinar

    Assisants, Armorbearers and Administrators join us for this 3 week online class!!!

    MONDAYS, August 12, 19 and and 26 at 8:30p – 9:30p EST

    If you are committed to excellence, we encourage you to join us for this 3 week “information filled” online class.


    Here’s what’s in store for you:


    The Tools, Talents and Tenents of Successful Leadership   

    Time Management and Organization Skills (includes a FREE e-book!)

    Managing OPP (Other People’s Personalities)

    Technology Tune-Up (you’ll learn Robin’s SUPER EASY steps to creating professionally designed presentations, handouts, and forms with fill in the blanks, drop down boxes and password protection!)


    Front Line Leadership: Becoming a MASTER Servant

    Checks and Balances (includes a FREE checklist to use while serving!)

    Integrity, Intuitive and Instinctive (biblical teaching of an Armorbearer.)

    Seeing What I See: Capturing the Vision and the HEART of the Visionary


    REMEMBER: Don’t fake it until you make it. Pursue it until you do it!

    You will get all of this for ONLY $147!!!!




    1. This is a 3 week course that will be taught in 3 phases on Monday, August 12th, 19th and 26th, at 8:30pm – 9:30pm EST.
    2. Each student will recieve a link with a special code to view the teaching online at approximately 5pm EST the day of each teaching. Each week will feature a different code.
    3. Each class will be taught ONLINE!!!! You can view it from your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and/or smartdevice!!! You can also enjoy the class via teleseminar/telephone.
    4. Please be a person of integrity and do not share the class with someone that has not paid.
    5. There are no refunds.
    6. Class is limited to 25 students. Register early.

    The Instructors:

    Robin Ware has worked in Events, Administration, Marketing and Social Media for more than 20 years. She is a well respected instructor, conference speaker and coach. She has written The Administrator, Excellence in Event Planning, How to Armor Bearer, 10 Steps to Experiencing Skyrocket Level Success as well as several other resource books and CD products on Event Planning, Administration and Social Media. Learn about Robin here: The Ware Agency ATLANTA




    Bishop Lester Love is the Senior Pastor of The City of Love in New Orleans, LA. He is a highly sought after preacher, teacher and coach on Servant Leadership, Armorbearers, Leadership and Administration. He has authored 3 books, The Art of ArmorBearing, Catching the Mantle and Synergy. He currently serves as the Bishop of Protocol for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. Learn about Bishop Lester Love here: Lester Love

  • Savvy Girl Roll Up Bag


    Super excited to share my latest find! It’s the Savvy Girl Roll Up Bag filled with over $150 worth of  Mary Kay Cosmetics and Cleansing

    systems that Lady Alethia Ramsey is selling to help Lady Patrice Smith reach National Sales Director in Mary Kay. 

    Get the Savvy Girl Roll Up Bag for just $100!!! Once you purchase, you get to choose which products you want in your bag!!!

    *Note – A member of her team will contact you once you purchase the Savvy Girl Roll Up Bag. They will walk you through the selection process of the items you want in your bag.  You will receive your customized bag within 5 days of your purchase.

    This special ends at 12 midnight on Sunday, June 30th.


  • Constant Contact Referral Link

    Use this link to access a FREE Constant Contact trial:


  • Join me April 20th at EPIC Women’s Conference – Social Media Session

    Join me April 20th in Atlanta for the EPIC Women’s Conference hosted by my friend Pastor Sabrina McKenzie. I will be teaching an incredible session on Social Media Mastery. Read More »

  • Planning a Church Leadership Workshop? Try us out!

    It’s that time of year again! Are you getting ready to plan an upcoming Leadership Workshop?

    Well, we invite you to give us a try!

    Read More »

  • Church Hospitality Expert

    As a church hospitality expert, I teach that showing outstanding church hospitality is a mandate for any church that is going to keep its doors open.  Believe it or not, church hospitality actually begins online with your website.  Here are 3 things you need to do to make sure your church website is hospitable:


    1.  Make sure it has correct and updated information.

    2.  Make sure service times and directions are 1 click to find.

    3.  Make sure event information is posted and updated.

    If you  make sure that your church website has these 3 things you are on your way to hospitality success!


    Here’s a great video I created to shares a little on outstanding hospitality:

    Have a great day!


    Robin M. Ware, CMP




  • Are You a Creature of Habit?

     At times, I must admit that I am a creature of habit! I love things to be right and excellent. So much so that at times I believe I may miss God.  Yes, it’s wonderful to want things to be a certain way but I have  learned that in my flexibility I have truly gained access to new experiences that I would have missed if I had insisted that things be a certain way.


    This weekend I hired a professional coach. I’m very excited about it. But, the truth of the matter is, I almost “missed God” because of my desire for things to “be a certain” way. Once I recognized my behavior, I let it go. I know that this coach has what I need. The coach is a LARGE investment for me but I know for where I am going, I need a coach that is a proven winner and is not learning on the job.

    The  moral of this blog post is to not get stuck. If we are really going to grow and “go” in the right direction, we have to be open to alternate routes, methods and systems.  There’s more than one road to to the top but be open to change lanes to get there.




  • Robin Ware interviews Troy Sneed – New CD – August 7th

    Truly an incredible singer and songwriter, Troy Sneed stopped by Changing A Generation and shared his new CD project with us. He ministered his hit song, “My Heart Says Yes” and when I tell you, he hit every note perfectly! AMAZING and ANOINTED!

    Troy took us “IN” when he sang with Bishop Paul Morton (@bishoppmorton) at the conclusion of his song. All I can say, is words can not do what they did justice! You had to be there! Here’s a photo though so you can get a glimpse.

    Troy also was very kind in allowing this “budding entertainment reporter” to interview him.   WATCH OUR LIVE INTERVIEW HERE.  Please watch it, repost it and tweet about it.

    Troy Sneed’s  new CD – All is Well is in stores, this Tuesday, August 7th.  He’s hosting an online LIVE CD listening party hosted by Al “The Bishop” Hobb’s on tonight, Monday, August 6th. Details are on the video.



    Thanks for connecting!



  • Social Media and Event Planning Workshops – THIS WEEKEND!

    After weeks of planning and preparation, it’s time for my Social  Media and Event Planning Workshop.


    Social Media Workshop – Friday, May 25th

    It seems everyone is using social media but upon talking to people at events, most people aren’t comfortable with the amount of time they spend on it and are wondering what the results really are for their brand.

    Some have shared horror stories as well. In fact, I read an article online last week that shared a story of someone falsely accusing someone of reneging on performing at an event. The terrible part of the story was that the person was blasted on Twitter and it turned out that they were falsely accused! This is truly an example of using social media terribly wrong! What would you do if this happened to you?

    Social media is a great thing when used properly.  Join me this Friday at my upcoming Social Media Workshop where you will  learn how to handle pr situations like these.  We’ll also share how to use social media to grow your business and your brand.  Here are the deets:

    Friday, May 25th – 7pm – 10pm – includes a dessert reception!


    Register now to attend my Excellence in Event Planning Workshop
    On Saturday, May 26th, 9am – 5pm – it includes a luncheon!

    Event Planning – Saturday, May 26th 

    Event Planning is a very wealthy career if you work it correctly! It seems everyone is hosting a party or planning a conference and let me tell you, they are hiring planners to assist them.  Hourly rates of $125 is pretty standard if you position yourself correctly.  Not bad for a job where you spend other peoples money making them happy!  Join me as I share the industry insights to this fulfilling and rewarding industry!

    Here’s info on how to register for both workshops! See you this weekend!

    Register NOW -Last minute special! Register for BOTH Marketing and Event Planning Workshop for ONLY $75!!!!


  • 2 New Workshop Dates! Event Planning – May 25th & Marketing and Social Media – May 26th

    Happy Friday to everyone! I’m just posting a quick update to give you a heads up that I have confirmed May 25th for the Marketing and Social Media Workshop and May 26th for the annual Excellence in Event Planning Workshop.

    Excellence in Event Planning is an 8 hour INTENSIVE workshop is going to be an awesome experience for ANYONE that loves ANYTHING to do with event and conference planning.

    Read More »

  • What’s Your Church’s Hashtag?

    What’s Your Church’s Hashtag?

     As a social media expert, I have learned the tremendous value of using Twitter to teach the in’s and out’s of social media.  Today, I want to speak directly to churches and ask this question: What’s your Twitter hashtag?

    Twitter is an amazing social media platform that allows you to communicate short messages in less than 140 characters.  In order to “track” a conversation you must create a hashtag which is simply the use of the pound (#) sign placed before a short phrase that is relevant to your ministry.  When a user enters this hashtag, they will be able to read all of the tweets that relate to your church.  The attached photo is a screen shot from the hashtag that I use every Sunday at my own church. You can also see who retweeted me.

    Read More »

  • True Rock Star Leadership, Requires No Title

    One of my favorite church leadership and workers classes that I teach is “Supporting The Vision and the Visionary”.  It’s so important with everything going on in the body of Christ, that we as leaders understand our roles in supporting the vision and the visionary and not idolizing them.

    As servants, our role is to help build the kingdom and support our churches and not to make rock stars out of our senior leadership.  How can we make sure that we stay on track with this? During my workshops, I pose quite a few thought-provoking questions but here’s the first one:

    Read More »

  • Social Media Guide – Quick Start Guide!

    Need help mastering social media? Get your copy of my quick Social Media Guide! It features 3 Amazing Reports in 1!!! How to Maximize Twitter for your Events or Conferences, 17 Ways to Welcome/Touch a New Member, and 10 Graphic Elements to use on Social Media to Promote Events or Organizations!

    Each copy is only $24.97!!! Available for IMMEDIATE download! This is an ebook. Read it on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Droid Phone or other electronic device!

    Add to Cart

  • Should Tweeting Be Encouraged in the Church?

    I’m so excited that Pastor Terrance Johnson has invited me to share on Social Media at both of his midweek services this week.  Get ready Houston for an awesome time. I love teaching on social media and this opportunity affords me the chance to incorporate the Word of God into my social media teaching.  Read More »

  • My Favorite Affiliates

    It’s important that you own your own domain and hosting for your website or blogsite. I’ve tried about 6 different hosting services and GoDaddy wins hands down! Their customer service is stellar! Please click the link below to set up your own account and register your domain and obtain hosting.

    Read More »

  • Robin Ware Speaks on Social Media at Restoration Weekend and is Featured on

    Robin Ware Speaks on Social Media at Restoration Weekend and is Featured on

    Date: September 28 – October 2
    Location: Punta Canta, Dominican Republic
    Event Scope: Hosted by Michelle Hargrove (, Restoration Weekend was a getaway that began with never ending luxury. From the moment we arrived, we were treated to elite privileges. Le Sanctuary, which was our host resort, was beyond amazing with its colossal castle that housed our 55 suites.  Read More »

  • The Gospel Tribune Atlanta Interviews Bishop Paul S. Morton

    The Gospel Tribune Atlanta Interviews Bishop Paul S. Morton

    Date: October 12, 2011
    Location: The Office of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Changing A Generation Atlanta
    Event Scope: December/January cover story of The Gospel Tribune Atlanta
    Read More »

  • #FF – Friend Follow – Social Media Expert Tips

    Today is Friday, and on Twitter today you are going to see a lot of posts with the hashtag #FF.  As a Social Media Expert, I wanted to share with those that are new to Twitter or even those that aren’t what all of the fuss is about and what the protocol is with #FF.  As you know, Facebook is a platform for people that you already know and Twitter is a platform for you to get to know people.  One of the ways to do this is Friend Follow or  Follow Friday #FF. Read More »

  • Social Media Expert shares Tips!

    Who knew back in 2009 when I joined Twitter and began “tweeting” from special events and yes, even at church, that Twitter would explode and become one of the number one communication tools of 2011! As a Social Media Expert, I teach that Twitter is an incredible tool that allows you to not only market your products and services but it allows Read More »

  • Inspire! Imagine! & Ignite! Event Mastery Conference for Event Planners and Meeting Planners – Nov. 11-12

    Join us November 11-12 in Atlanta, GA for the 2011 Inspire! Imagine! & Ignite! Conference for Event Planners, Meeting Planners and Event Producers. This AMAZING 2 day conference includes 12 great modules including Becoming a Niche Event and Meeting Planner, The 7 Keys to Marketing Yourself as an Industry Pro, How to Close Deals, Secure Deposits and Book Repeat Clients and SOOO much more!

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  • Hiring New Crew Members!

    That title reads like a McDickey’s ad doesn’t it! Lol! Well, thank God! Read More »

  • Using YouTube

    Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine? When people are searching the internet for something, they normally use Google, but then they use YouTube.
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  • Twitter Pays

    Twitter Pays

    There’s a lot of money to be made utilizing social media effectively. I just read an article that highlighted the top 10 athletes on Twitter.
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  • Creating Hashtags

    Creating Hashtags

    I had a wonderful time last week teaching at Collaborate Marketplace. I taught 4 classes on Social Media and it was truly my pleasure to meet all of the corporate meeting planners and hotel suppliers that attended my sessions. One of the questions I was asked most, was on Twitter hashtags.
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  • Maximizing Google

    Maximizing Google

    I love Google!  I love it for surfing the web, I love it for email and I love it for it’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system.  As a blogger, I’ve learned how to use keywords to elevate my SEO.  I want to share with you that you need to really spend some time learning how to optimize Google.
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  • 2nd Annual Event Planner’s Workshop

    2nd Annual Event Planner’s Workshop

    Date: May 2010
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Event Scope: Hosted by Robin Ware, and featuring such speakers as Gospel Today Magazine’s Teresa Hairston, the primary purpose of this event was to equip church leaders how to host and prepare properly for ministry events
    Read More »

  • 2011 Intercessory Prayer Conference

    2011 Intercessory Prayer Conference

    Date: January 6-8, 2011
    Location: Renaissance Waverly Hotel (Atlanta, GA)
    Event Scope: Hosted by Bishop William Murphy Jr., the 2011 Intercessory Prayer conference was attended by hundreds of ministry leaders who came to focus on prayer, worship, and the ministry of the local church.
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